Devotion To Excellence

The driving force behind BinaryMist is to lift the bar of the IT industry. We endeavour to improve how development teams create and release software and how to educate software organisations and their teams so that quality doesn't have to blow the budget, especially if baked in from the start of a project.

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What Differentiates Us

We walk the talk, our customers back us up.
We can offer fixed price projects.
We provide 24/7 access to our consultant.
We are used to working in multiple time zones.
If you are looking to increase the productivity of your development team(s) or establish a security focus, BinaryMist is your obvious choice.

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Exceptional Track Record

BinaryMist is backed with a large amount of experience and a great track record. We've worked in many sectors of the IT industry as well as others. Due to the experience obtained in many problem domains, we're able to step back and evaluate with a large amount of "been there, done that, this worked, this may not".

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At BinaryMist

We understand how to architect, engineer and deliver:
software, devops and security solutions
that exceed our clients expectations.

Our Values

At BinaryMist one of the reasons we decided to take the initiative and use our years of experience to help clients, was in reaction to how we saw technology organisations treating their clients and the lack of understanding of what high performing development teams need to deliver healthy working software with minimum technical debt on time and generally under time.

We are committed to developing skills and relationships over money and elaborate careers.

We believe that developers are very intelligent people that are quite capable of managing themselves and their teams. Experience has led us to believe that we are best to empower them and provide the resources they need to deliver what the client needs.

Devotion to Excellence

At BinaryMist, we're always encouraging those around us to grow and increase their knowledge. We're always pushing ourselves to the next level and enjoy learning from both the older and younger generations as both have very valuable insights to offer. We aim to increase passion amongst our fellow colleagues as this increases the hunger for knowledge which in turn lifts their game. We take every opportunity to inspect how we are working and what we could be doing better. We often ask ourselves how we can improve? This is sometimes known as Retrospective. It doesn't matter how good you are, you can always improve. It's this attention to detail and the determination to always find better ways to do things, increase performance, and put our customers first, that sets us apart.


We are firm believers in software organisations being accountable, upfront and honest with our customers. Using Scrum, along with some tried and tested practices provides ultimate visibility. This provides many opportunities for the client to pivot as the market demands change. The Scrum Team is able to change tack every Sprint (1-4 weeks), as the market dictates. It's this flexibility that allows products to get to market on or ahead of time with the attributes to satisfy the market rather than the attributes the original specification demanded at the beginning of the project. Talk with us about this and we'll explain the pros and cons. It's our job as experienced software engineers that have brought many products to market to bring complete visibility to our partnering customer, thus empowering you to make the right decisions along the way to reach your original business goal.

Challenge the Status Quo

Question everything. So often we see teams tripping themselves up because they are struggling with technical debt accrued over sometimes years of a "Just get it out the door. Worry about quality later" mentality. If you're an organisation that owns it's own software, this mentality will drag you down. A younger competitor will be able to out manourver you because their software is younger with less debt baked in. Or they have been wise and been disciplined in addressing technical debt continuously, thus running at a sustainable fast pace. Running a development team with practises like Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and taking every opportunity to inspect progress and adapt. The military call this the OODA loop. The agile community call it "Inspect and Adapt". Using a Definition of Done so everyone knows when a task is actually complete. Lack of technical debt allows a development team to work fast and deliver to market fast. Software is a liability until it's released. So we like to make sure we're taking the steps that allow us to work fast... continuously.

Commitment to Open Source communities and tech

Investing into the communities we rely on. Kim Carter is an active international presenter and trainer at Kiwicon, OWASP NZ & NYC, Hope, NodeConf EU, AusCERT, SATURN, AgileNZ, ANZTB, WDCNZ, CampJS, and many others. An active committer to many open source projects, leads up the OWASP NZ chapter for Canterbury, and runs the anual OWASP NZ Day conference, which filled almost 1000 seats last year, to help raise awareness and skill in information security. Kim administers the InfoSecNZ slack, is the author of the book series Holistic InfoSec for Web Developers, has written articles for PenTest Magazine, is a show host on Software Engineering Radio. He also runs regular workshops and is a frequent blog poster. BinaryMist continues to support the communities that are improving our industry.

Let us show you how quality and speed of deliverycan be achieved at very modest prices. Especially early in the product life-cycle.

- Kim Carter -

Meet Our Team

Don't wait until you're on the stage, where the cost of mistakes are at their highest.
Talk with us now. We're experienced and passionate about implementing the best solution for your business needs.

    Leanne Carter

    / Public Relations Manager

    Leanne is passionate about community development, all things to do with communication and communication processes (except public speaking, that's Kim's forte). She does all the Administration and Communications for BinaryMist and makes sure Kim gets to all his speaking engagements both locally and internationally on time! Leanne has a BA in Media and Communication and Political Science as well as a background in Property Development. She has vast experience in Office Management and Administration and has been a Home Executive; Kim and Leanne have two adult boys. Leanne is also a qualified budget adviser and works at Compassion Trust in New Brighton helping people to reduce their debts, and manage their money. Leanne also has some technical and development understanding, and is a BinaryMist linchpin.

    Kim Carter

    / Architect / Engineer

    Kim is the founder of BinaryMist and he is passionate about mentoring and motivating cross functional, self-managing teams, and leverages his ability to help organisations realise how they can increase profit and reduce costs.
    He has 16 years of commercial experience in architecture, development, engineering, devops and testing of both small to large scale software and networks. Kim also has considerable experience in security assessments and penetration testing.
    Kim is a Certified Scrum Master and has helped many organisations realise the benefits of using Scrum and the other techniques he's found very effective in lifting both quality and productivity.
    Currently authoring his second book in a series: Holistic InfoSec for Web Developers.
    Kim is also the OWASP New Zealand chapter leader for Christchurch.


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Happy Clients


Systems Secured

Our Services

We provide the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience you've been looking for in a one-stop shop.
We've been cultivating meaningful relationships with industry experts for a long time.
If your requirements demand a skill-set that we don't have, we'll connect you with the people that do.

Software Architecture and Engineering

We can provide architectural guidance and implementation through to release and beyond for the following services.

DevOps / DevSecOps

Lean on our vast experience with automating just about everything.

Security: Reviews, Penetration Testing

Although we take the approach of setting up security focused practises at the earliest possible point in a project, sometimes this won't be the case.

Experience Domains:

Mobile . IoT . Construction . Banking . Education . Property Development . Health Care . Operations . Pay Role . Human Resource . Geospatial . Business Management . City Maintenance . Electrical . Wholesale

Releases / Latest News

What's currently going on @ BinaryMist

Our Portfolio

A small handful of some of the work BinaryMist Limited has completed to date.
Due to the private and sensitive nature of many of the assignments BinaryMist Limited carries out,
only a very small number of projects can be represented here.

Our Clients

  • Stefan Streichsbier

    Numisec Pte.Ltd

    I've met Kim at DevSecCon Singapore in 2017 where he gave a well-received workshop.
    A few months later we had a project where his top-notch Node.js security code review skills were required
    and this gave us the chance to work together closely.

    Over a 2 week period he was doing security code reviews of containerized Node.js microservices in a very thorough way. We communicated well and progressed quickly. Kim has a very broad yet deep understanding of modern application security that comes from years of experience.
    I can recommend Kim to anyone who needs an application security expert and wants a professional second opinion on the security posture of an application.

  • Peter Montgomery

    Founder and CEO, InventoryTech Limited

    Kim provided us with excellent support services during a development transition with our cloud software services.

    Kim is a highly capable software developer with deep experience and capabilities.

    I recommend Kim's services, he did a great job for us.

  • Lana Winders

    General Manager, SBS Bank

    I've enjoyed having Kim as part of our team.
    You have done a fantastic job there and we are lucky to have you.

  • Glen Senior

    Owner, TSBC

    Kim set up a huge legacy at TSBC by implementing Scrum across our dev,

    and the transparency I've had in the last few months is a testament to his passion for our work,

    and his dedication to having the interests of the business a priority.

  • Rachel Robertson

    Project Manager, SBS Bank

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers to Kim on our first PIB change completed in house.
    The PIB reskin looks magnificent and has gone through without a glitch Well done Kim –
    you’ve given SBS that little bit of independence and it feels fantastic!
    hope you feel really proud Kim.

  • Ming Yii

    Team Leader, Software Engineering Team, Christchurch City Council

    2 words to describe Kim – mystery & legend.
    Mystery – Kim is deep & smart. He sees things differently, from several angles & is full of ideas. You never know what he will suggest, and will be surprised with how he tackles issues with the solutions that he has.

    Legend – Throw anything to him, no matter how twisted and broken they are, and Kim will sort them out, with quality. He is keen to improve things & build people up technically. Sorry I lied, there’s a 3rd one.

    Passion – The silent driver in Kim. Self-motivated, self-organised & a wonderful team player. Kim would do everything he could in order to achieve. I’ll want him in my team any day!

  • Andrew Balfour

    Owner/Managing Director, Solvam Corporation Ltd

    Kim Carter was engaged on a contract basis to implement and guide our future software development for School-links.
    In doing that he -
    • Brought to our product a much higher level of expertise and capability complementing our development team
    • Directed a disciplined and methodical software development process as the Scrum Master of ‘Scrum’
    • Helped with the restructuring and planning of our infrastructure in order to scale the product successfully
    • Brings security expertise at a high level with the ability to implement ongoing security hardening program and audits
    • Introduced the Scrum process which provided more consistent and accurate release cycles enabling our marketing efforts to be better coordinated and focused
    Kim is a good team member and we will look to reengage with his services when required.

  • Engela Pretorius

    System analyst, Christchurch City Council

    Kim has an excellent work ethic and always keeps the bigger picture in mind.

    His recommendations added value to the final solution.

    Appreciated his diligence to unravel a difficult process and make it work.

  • Joe Kearns

    Senior Consultant - Agile | Lean at Assurity Consulting Ltd

    I've had the pleasure of managing Kim and have found him to be a highly-focused
    and very skilled software developer. He works hard to ensure he achieves high quality in everything he develops and always has his employer's interests at heart.

    He wants to achieves great results and will drive himself and others around him to achieve this. Any organisation Kim is involved with will benefit immensely from his involvement.

  • David Gadsby

    Principal Recruitment Consultant, Platinum Recruitment Ltd

    We engaged Kim to take the technical reigns on a large client project.

    Kim was on point right from day one, diving head first into the work and committing himself to project delivery. Technically, Kim is very sharp with a good head for commercial software development. If there’s something strange in your development project, forget the Ghostbusters and give Kim Carter a call.

    Couldn’t recommended him highly enough.

  • James Pinamonti

    Solution Delivery Team Leader at IAG New Zealand

    I have worked with Kim as a colleague and as one of his Scrum Masters on projects including application integration, ASP.Net, Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communications Foundation. Kim is not only knowledgeable and passionate about software design and development, but also assertive in his approach to providing the best solution in the first instance. I believe Kim would be beneficial to any project he was a member.

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