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PurpleTeam License Change

To start with the:

  • PurpleTeam local environment (AKA: OWASP PurpleTeam) was licensed with the AGPL-3.0
  • PurpleTeam cloud environment (AKL: BinaryMist PurpleTeam) was licensed with a proprietary (non-free) license
  • Projects that are not part of PurpleTeam local or cloud environments, but are ancillary to PurpleTeam and may or may not be within the purpleteam-labs Github organisation. These may be license with the MIT license

PurpleTeam-Labs was never really happy with the AGPL-3.0 as it didn’t really convey our intentions well. Recently we heard about the Business Source License (BSL). MariaDB, CockroachDB and Redpanda pioneered the BSL, and we thank you for creating this license. When we looked into it it actually did convey our intentions well, which are to deter other security testing service provides (DAST, SAST and IAST)(specifically offering a SaaS) from taking our work and using it in direct competition with PurpleTeam-Labs. For the majority of PurpleTeam consumers the BSL that we’ve applied to the PurpleTeam local repositories will not limit your free usage of PurpleTeam local at all. We have always wanted PurpleTeam local to be available to Developers, DevOps Engineers, their teams, and others willing to set-up the local components to be able to use freely in-house providing it’s not being used as a service in competition with PurpleTeam-Labs.

For PurpleTeam cloud, the license (PurpleTeam Cloud License (PCL)) is basically the same as it was before. We’ve just made it clearer and more accessible.

For the projects ancillary to PurpleTeam their licenses haven’t changed.

The licenses are available in each source code repository at Github.

Kim Carter
Kim Carter
Technologist / Engineer, Information Security Professional

Technologist / Engineer, Information Security Professional, Entrepreneur and the founder of BinaryMist Ltd and PurpleTeam-Labs. Ex OWASP NZ Chapter Leader of eight years. Certified Scrum Master. Facilitator, mentor and motivator of cross functional, self managing teams. With a solid 20 years of commercial industry experience across many domains.


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