PurpleTeam at Alpha

Where has Kim been for the last couple of years? This post explains why he's been so quiet and what he has been working on.

Talk - Building PurpleTeam (a Security Regression Testing SaaS) - From PoC to Alpha

Developers / Engineers know that a build pipeline is an essential part of creating robust and reliable software, but what to put in it? This talk covers the creation of purpleteam from PoC to Alpha release, and why it’s an ideal fit for the security regression testing slot of your build pipeline.

A Decent Console for Windows

Redirects to legacy blog post. On *nix we’re kind of spoilt when it comes to the CLI experience. The console I use most in a GUI environment is the great terminator.

Centerim, Irssi, Alpine on Screen

Redirects to legacy blog post. Detailing the setup/configuration of Centerim, Irssi, Alpine on the Linux shell session manager Screen.

Preparing APC Smart-UPS 1500 for Critical Servers

Redirects to legacy blog post. Part one of a three part series on Setting up a UPS solution, to enable clean shutdown of vital network components. This post is essentially about setting up a Smart-UPS and it’s NMC (Network Management Card), as the project I embarked upon was a little large for a single post.