Cloud Security - Quick Reference


In this book we walk through threat modelling your Cloud environment. We break down and provide solid understanding of the shared responsibility model, that is: What are the CSPs responsibilities and what are your responsibilities as a consumer of the services that your chosen CSP offers. We provide a set of questions and possible answers to help you evaluate the most suitable CSP for your needs.

We discus the pros and cons of the Cloud vs In-house clouds, along with techniques for improving your understanding and implementation of the principle of least privilege in the Cloud.

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The book also covers:

  • Techniques and tools for storing and accessing secrets in the Cloud securely
  • Risks and countermeasures of serverless offerings
  • Infrastructure and configuration management techniques and tools
  • An interview with Scott Piper (AWS security specialist)
  • Many other tips, tricks and tools

Cloud Security Quick Reference

Please note that the entire content of this book is included in The Cloud chapter of Holistic InfoSec for Web Developers F1.

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