Development Team Security Implementation

You’ve realised that you need to do something about the rising number of defects being introduced into your software products. Competitors are outmanoeuvring you. Security reviews and penetration testing is costing you too much. Your customers are demanding higher security and protection of their data. Your Development Team(s) simply don’t have the time or expertise to add more heavy weight security process and practises.

What if we told you:

That by working with you we could reduce the amount you spend on traditional security reviews, penetration testing, and at the same time reduce the defects being introduced, and significantly improve your security stature, while reducing total project cost?

Together, we could help get your product to market quicker, and with fewer security defects?

We could give you the ability to prove to your customers that you were taking the security of their data seriously, and that your product(s) were a much safer investment than your competitor’s?

You could even invite your customers to be part of your development process, and be amazed by seeing security defects fixed as they are found in a continuous integration or nightly build environment.


Once you have a roadmap for success, which we can work with you to provide at a fixed price, detailing where your Development Team(s) can be doing better, how to do better, and providing clear steps to achieve the shared goal, teams will often need some hands on assistance to establish the light weight processes and practises, tools and techniques outlined in the roadmap, workshop, and Kim’s book.

We can work with your Development Team(s) implementing the security roadmap, providing ongoing mentoring as required, and then handing the reins over, continuing to monitor and provide ongoing advice and coaching as required, this way setting you up for the pit of success.

This process can be relatively quick to implement, and has the side-effect of saving huge amounts of money on fixing defects once they’ve been in the system for a long time.

If you would get excited about reducing costs on security, while increasing the ability of your Development Team(s) to deliver secure products…

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Review our Portfolio and Testimonials for some of the teams we have helped reduce costs and security defect counts by shifting the security focus up front of the development life-cycle.

What our customers are saying

Andrew Balfour

Owner/Managing Director, Solvam Corporation Ltd

Kim Carter was engaged on a contract basis to implement and guide our future software development for School-links.

In doing that he -

  • Brought to our product a much higher level of expertise and capability complementing our development team
  • Directed a disciplined and methodical software development process as the Scrum Master of ‘Scrum’
  • Helped with the restructuring and planning of our infrastructure in order to scale the product successfully
  • Brings security expertise at a high level with the ability to implement ongoing security hardening program and audits
  • Introduced the Scrum process which provided more consistent and accurate release cycles enabling our marketing efforts to be better coordinated and focused

Kim is a good team member and we will look to reengage with his services when required.

We have had the unique opportunity to work in both defensive (development) and offensive (penetration testing) teams, across many domains, for a large number of years. This has produced a deep understanding of what Development Team(s) need in order to help you create solutions that will effectively resist attacks from your adversaries.

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Currently we have availability for select new clients.

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