Software Engineer Interview Process and Questions

Redirects to legacy blog post. A short time ago, I was tasked with finding the right software engineer/s for the organisation I was working for. I settled on a process, a set of background questions, a set of practical programming exercises and a set of verbal questions. Later on I cut the set of verbal questions down to a quicker set. In this post, I’ll be going over the process and the full set of verbal questions. In a subsequent post I’ll go over the quicker set.

A Decent Console for Windows

Redirects to legacy blog post. On *nix we’re kind of spoilt when it comes to the CLI experience. The console I use most in a GUI environment is the great terminator.

OpenSSH from Linux to Windows 7 via tunneled RDP

Redirects to legacy blog post. In this article I’ll go over getting Kali Linux installed and set-up. I’ll go over a few of the packages in a low level of detail (due to the share number of them) that come out of the box. On top of that I’ll also go over a few programmes I like to install separately. In a subsequent article I’d like to continue with additional programmes that come with Kali Linux as there are just to many to cover in one go.

Quick walk through, of my UPS library

Redirects to legacy blog post. Part three of a three part series. On setting up a UPS solution, to enable clean shutdown of vital network components. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the library that performs the shutting down of our servers.

Preparing APC Smart-UPS 1500 clients

Redirects to legacy blog post. Part two of a three part series.

Garbage Collection in dot NET 4.0

Redirects to legacy blog post. Coverage on what's new in the .NET 4.0 garbage collector.

Metadata Exchange options for WCF

Redirects to legacy blog post. There are two options for publishing metadata from a WCF service. By default, the services metadata is not published. In order to make the services information about itself public, you must do either of the following.

Installation of SSH on 64bit Windows 7 to tunnel RDP

Redirects to legacy blog post. This post covers two scenarios.

Message Inspection in WCF

Redirects to legacy blog post. Message Inspectors can be a very usefull tool in diagnosing problems between WCF services and clients. The messages that are transferred between clients/services can be intercepted and operations performed on them. We’ve used this at work in conjunction with a tool called SaopUI to capture the SOAP messages and fire them at our service. This can be usefull for load testing, concurrency testing scenarios amongst others.

Duplex communication and callbacks in WCF

Redirects to legacy blog post. I was reading in the book Enterprise Integration Patterns that my dev manager bought for the team, on the Message Endpoint pattern on the way home from work a few days ago. “A Message Endpoint can be used to send messages or receive them, but one instance does not do both” From my experience, this wasn’t necessarily true. So I decided to confirm my suspicion. The following is a mix of what I read and tested out.