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Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers

A three part book series focused on lifting the security knowledge of Software Developers, Engineers, and their teams, so that they can continuously deliver secure technical solutions on time and within budget, without nasty surprises.

Web Server Log Management

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As part of the ongoing work around preparing a Debian web server to host applications accessible from the WWW I performed some research, analysis, made decisions along the way and implemented a first stage logging strategy. I’ve done similar set-ups many times before, but thought it worth sharing my experience for all to learn something from it and/or provide input, recommendations, corrections to the process so we all get to improve.

Metadata Exchange options for WCF

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There are two options for publishing metadata from a WCF service. By default, the services metadata is not published. In order to make the services information about itself public, you must do either of the following.

Logical vs Physical Addresses in WCF

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In this example, I share a listenUri between two endpoints.