PurpleTeam with Kim Carter

The 6 Figure Developer crew speak with Kim Carter about PurpleTeam, it's composition and how it can help Developers find and fix their web security defects.

DAST with OWASP purpleteam

Justin Beyer speaks with Kim Carter about Dynamic Application Security Testing and how OWASP PurpleTeam can help. Then dives into the composition of PurpleTeam.

OWASP purpleteam

Carl and Richard chat with Kim Carter about purpleteam, an open-source project for testing web applications and APIs as part of your CI/CD pipeline

Michael Hausenblas on Container Networking

Michael Hausenblas and Kim Carter discuss container networking concepts from Michael’s book Container Networking. Covering Kubernetes, service discovery, orchestration, and many other related topics.

Natalie Silvanovich on Attack Surface Reduction

Natalie Silvanovich from Google Project Zero talks with Kim Carter about what attack surface reduction is about.

Péter Budai on End to End Encryption

Head of Cryptography Engineering at Tresorit, Péter Budai talks with Kim Carter about End to End Encryption.

Scott Piper on Cloud Security

Founder of Summit Route / creator of FLAWS, Scott Piper talks with Kim Carter about Cloud Security on Software Engineering Radio.

Zane Lackey on Application Security

Zane Lackey talks with Kim Carter about Application Security on Software Engineering Radio.

Pre Conference Interview

All Day DevOps Live! Interview with All Day DevOps speaker, Kim Carter. Kim will be speaking about the "Secrets of a High Performance Security Focused Agile Team".

Haroon Meer on Network Security

Haroon Meer talks with Kim Carter about network security on Software Engineering Radio.