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rsync over SSH from Linux workstation to FreeNAS

Redirects to legacy blog post. I’ve been intending for quite some time to setup an automated or at least a thoughtless one click backup procedure from my family members PC’s to a file server. Now if you put files directories in the place where we are going to rsync to, and run the command we’re going to setup, those new files directories will be deleted.

Setting up a NFS share in FreeNAS

Redirects to legacy blog post.

A few steps to secure a FreeNAS server

Redirects to legacy blog post. Change the default password in System|General|Password. Setup key pair authentication for SSH and secure FreeNAS.

Adding disks, CIFS/SMB shares to FreeNAS

Redirects to legacy blog post. What I did, was add a disk at a time (one each week, and stressed it for the entire week). This way the wear on the disk should be staggered and we are less likely to have all drives fail at the same time. Once I’d physically added all disks (ended up adding 4 x WD7500AACS for now).