Scott Piper on Cloud Security

Founder of Summit Route / creator of FLAWS, Scott Piper talks with Kim Carter about Cloud Security on Software Engineering Radio.

Building Security into Your Development Teams (workshop) $495 + GST per student

Full Day Interactive Workshop focussing on building security into your Development Team(s).

Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers

A three part book series focused on lifting the security knowledge of Software Developers, Engineers, and their teams, so that they can continuously deliver secure technical solutions on time and within budget, without nasty surprises. First book is complete, second book is content complete and currently in technical review.

Conference - Christchurch Hacker Con

CHCon 2017: A conference for security professionals and hackers, based in Christchurch, NZ.

Workshop - Building Security Into Your Development Teams

Kim's flagship Software Developer focussed training, this time at Christchurch Hacker Conference (CHCon).

The Cloud Shared Responsibility Model

The shared responsibility model is one that many have not grasped or understood well. Let’s look at the responsibilities of the parties.

Workshop - Web Developer Quiz Night

Attacking a set of carefully curated questions around info-sec, white hat, black hat, attack and defense.

Conference - OWASP New Zealand Day

The eighth OWASP New Zealand Day conference, held at the University of Auckland.

Workshop - Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers - Intense

Kiwicon hands-on threat modelling, attack and defence strategy training for Web Developers wishing to understand their attackers better, stay ahead of them and create cost effective defence strategies.

Conference - Christchurch Hacker Con

CHCon 2016: A conference for security professionals and hackers in Christchurch, NZ.