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Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers

A three part book series focused on lifting the security knowledge of Software Developers, Engineers, and their teams, so that they can continuously deliver secure technical solutions on time and within budget, without nasty surprises. First book is complete, second book is content complete and currently in technical review.

Installation and Hardening of Debian Web Server

Redirects to legacy blog post. These are the steps I took to set-up and harden a Debian web server before being placed into a DMZ and undergoing additional hardening before opening the port from the WWW to it. Most of the steps below are fairly simple to do, and in doing so, remove a good portion of the low hanging fruit for nasty entities wanting to gain a foot-hold on your server-network.

Bare-metal Hypervisor Setup Evaluation

Redirects to legacy blog post. Recently I had the opportunity for work, to carry out some research on what’s in the market in regards to bare-metal hypervisors. The following is the result of an in depth research and deployment project of the following bare-metal hyper-visors. This will enable us to trial the hypervisors out for performance, ease of setup, ease of administration, and ease of use.

rsync over SSH from Linux workstation to FreeNAS

Redirects to legacy blog post. I’ve been intending for quite some time to setup an automated or at least a thoughtless one click backup procedure from my family members PC’s to a file server. Now if you put files directories in the place where we are going to rsync to, and run the command we’re going to setup, those new files directories will be deleted.