Workshop - Security Regression Testing with ZapAPI and NodeGoat


Kim will demonstrate the OWASP Zap API with NodeGoat, which helps you identify vulnerabilities in your web application as you create it, rather than at the end of a project. It’s a low-cost solution useful for carrying out constant security regression testing on your product, similar to having a full-time penetration tester on your development team.

Oct 16, 2016 13:00 PM — 15:00 PM
Kilkenny, Ireland

Kim Carter has developed a strong track record as a technology architect and information security professional over 15 years. He is a Chapter Leader of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) NZ and a Certified Scrum Master. Kim enjoys facilitating and motivating cross-functional, self-managing teams. You’ll find the insights from Kim’s talk in his new book, Holistic Infosec for Web Developers.

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Kim Carter
Kim Carter
Technologist / Engineer, Information Security Professional

Technologist / Engineer, Information Security Professional, Entrepreneur and the founder of BinaryMist Ltd and PurpleTeam-Labs. Ex OWASP NZ Chapter Leader of eight years. Certified Scrum Master. Facilitator, mentor and motivator of cross functional, self managing teams. With a solid 20 years of commercial industry experience across many domains.